Storage Operation Expert


SOE is a software solution for optimizing the operation of entire underground gas storage facilities or to operate the storage according to selected strategy. The main goals of the software are to maximize plant capabilities and/or to minimize energy usage, while ensuring compliance with operational safety barriers. Obtaining such a compromise requires taking into account several complex factors. Without an accurate model of the withdrawal and injection flow execution possibilities, the overall plant capabilities might be artificially underutilized.

SOE is dedicated for Storage System Operators. Its users easier and faster evaluate the optimal and best strategical way of operation for each type of gas storages with dedicated above ground facility.

Key functions

Finding the optimal configuration of utilized aboveground devices, caverns, storage layers and wells for an assumed nomination profile
Calculating the current and the future maximal possible plant’s flow
Providing a tool for WHAT-IF simulations, which could be useful for defining a storage development plan
Considering multiple, technical constrains, including rock-mechanics restrictions
Includes a thermodynamic model of the gas caverns, rock-mechanic constraints for caverns operations, material balance model of porous storage, model of the above-ground facilities for efficient simulation of different operating scenarios

Application screenshots

Other technical modules

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