Virtual Storage Management System

Several gas storages can be grouped in single virtual gas storage to optimize gas storage operations within a Gas Market Area. From the perspective of gas market participants such approach allows for sending nominations for one, virtual storage instead of multiple storage facilities. The aim of the Storage System Operator is to distribute nominations between physical gas storages, taking into account costs of operation as well as technical limitations of gas flow rates for each storage facility.


Due to differences in gas storages equipment, storage type and current filling level, cost of injecting or withdrawing gas may wary significantly between physical gas storages. With so many factor to consider finding the best nomination distribution is a difficult task.

vSMS takes into account all abovementioned factors to calculate cost optimal nomination distribution plan, using models of operational costs and technical limits characteristics of all physical gas storages. Combining vSMS with Storage Operation Expert allows for accurate and up-to-date characteristics to be used in vSMS optimization.

Key functions

Calculating cost optimal nomination distribution plan between multiple physical gas storages
Support for Dispatchers in everyday operation of virtual gas storages
Includes nominations submitted to virtual access point as well as to physical access points of each gas storage
Flexible definition of virtual gas storage and physical gas storages
Support for gas storages connected to multiple gas market areas
Individual models of operational costs and technical limits for each physical storage facility
Possible integration with SOE module for up-to-date and accurate gas storage characteristics
Data exchange with external nomination dispatching systems

Application screenshots

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