Process Data Management System


The main task of PDMS module is to acquire processing data from an automation system and to support a controlled process of proportional distribution of gas between devices of the storage facility. In case of any interruptions or measuring point failures, the module supports manual data corrections. Safety of the data is relevant, therefore any change of data is registered in the module in a form of data revisions, ensuring data continuity and history of both raw and corrected data.

PDMS provides convenient and easy to edit daily and monthly reports, gathering the most important information facilitates everyday work. The module functionalities also allow it to be used in other industries. Additionally, PDMS can be used as a data collecting and verification tool before sending data to other systems, where data correctness is crucial.

Key functions

Automated acquisition of measurement data from various external sources
Customizable daily and monthly reports
User actions tracking, ensuring safety and integrity of data
Data available in the form of revisions, allowing for quick verification of necessary information
Customized data verification workflow tailored to business processes
Monthly data revisions carried out in an automatic way

Application screenshots

Other technical modules

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