Gas Communication Control


GCC is a user-friendly communication module, allowing easily to exchange Edig@s messages between all gas market participants. The module can be utilized separately or in a coexistence with other gasLUX modules, supporting management of gas storage and transmission processes.

Utilization of GCC allows to automate communication processes between parties – all participants in the gas market. Mechanisms of monitoring and archiving performed operations allow to trace and fully audit the communication processes.

Key functions

Support for sending, receiving, viewing and composing Edig@s messages
Multiple Edig@s versions (5.1, 4.0 and 3.2) and formats (EDIFACT, xml) are supported
Converts messages between different formats and versions of Edig@s
Allows to define and monitor unlimited number of connections points to other Edig@s communicators
Supports many commonly used data exchange protocols and communication standards, including AS2, AS4, http(s), ftp, webservice, e-mail
Integration with other systems that need to exchange Edig@s messages

Application screenshots

Other commercial modules

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