Billing Reporting System


BRS is a flexible application that supports invoicing processes. The main task of the system is generation of invoices between contractors, based on contractual data, data from metering systems, automation systems, data entered manually or acquired from any other external system.

BRS is a proven solution implemented in various configurations and IT architectures for customers in the gas and power sector in Europe, Middle East and Latin America. The high degree of available customization of products, invoice templates and compositions makes this product easy to implement and to adapt in various industries.

Key functions

Fully automated invoices generation process with the ability of manually process triggering by the user
High-resolution data acquisition from external sources such as DCS, SCADA, EDM
Flexible MS Excel-based mechanisms for defining and executing customer-specific billing formulas
Management of unlimited manual inputs for user-defined billing formulas (exchange rates, indexes, etc.)
Exporting interfaces of invoices to external billing systems (optional): SAP plugin, open and documented web-service protocol

Application screenshots

Other commercial modules

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