Porous Storage Operation Simulator


POS supports processes related to availability forecasting of gas storages, constructed on porous geological formations (depleted gas or oil fields, aquifers). The main goal and advantage of POS is to enable users’ execution of multiple, operational simulations daily. They can be performed with known nomination scenarios or for approval of volume and flow capacity for wells and layers in case of new requests for gas products. POS fully integrates the underground storage facility model with live measurements, mainly acquired from the automation system.

POS can be used as a fast working simulator to obtain results about the predicted behavior of the underground storage itself, as well as in connection with other gasLUX software tools. POS may be implemented for each porous gas storage as a component of a complex technical storage management system.

Key functions

Automated acquisition of measurements data from external source systems
Management of multiple models, measurements, inputs and results
Short-time planning of the operational regimes of the underground storage complex
Long-term forecasting and planning supporting marketing of storage capacities
Identification of technological (parametrical) restrictions per each operational mode
Forecasting of the operational behavior of the underground storage (layers and wells) for the purpose of identification of solutions assuring the improvement of storage capacity and efficiency
Complex analyses for observation and optimization of pressure-volume-temperature behavior of the storage

Application screenshots

Other technical modules

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