Cavern Operation Simulator


Cavern Operation Simulator supports processes, related to gas caverns availability forecasting. The main goal and advantage of COS is to enable users’ execution of multiple, operational simulations daily. They can be performed with known nomination scenarios or for approval of caverns volume and flow capacity in case of new requests for gas products. COS fully integrates the underground storage facility model with live measurements, mainly acquired from the automation system.

COS provides the gas storage operator with accurate and practical information regarding the actual availability, state and simulated behavior of gas caverns. COS supports technical processes but also provides the information suited to help commercial business processes.

Key functions

Automated acquisition of measurements data from external source systems
Management of multiple models, measurements, inputs and results
Short - and long-term analysis of the storage behavior (e.g. prediction of pressures and temperatures for all caverns) - simulations horizon up to 1 year
Verification of nominations
What-if analyses, at the level of the storage design and construction or operational, to approve different cavern usage strategies
Tools for data analysis: charts, tabular views
Import and export of simulation results from/to external files for further analyses

Application screenshots

Other technical modules

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