Technical Storage Management System

Target group

TSMS is a modular and configurable IT solution, which supports variety of decision-making processes and goals, related to the technical execution of gas storage services. It allows complex, technical management of all types of underground gas storages (gas caverns, porous storages). TSMS provides coverage for both, aboveground and underground infrastructure of the storage facility.

  • Access to current and archive measured process data and KPI’s evidence
  • Availability and status of each gas storage equipment
  • Maintenance plans including equipment shutdowns
  • Reports of performance parameters, indicating quality and efficiency of realized processes
  • Simulation results of underground and above ground equipment
  • Analyses of gas storage optimization results
  • Current and projected costs associated with execution of incoming nominations
  • Estimation of future technical capacities to execute nominations
  • Calculation of operational costs for each equipment (e.g. compressors)
  • Provision of data for decision-making process, related to execution of nominated gas flow
  • Technical verification of storage nominations considering current and predicted storage facility state
  • Monitoring of parameters of geological structure
  • Ensuring technical feasibility of nominated gas flow profile, considering current, technical gas storage state
  • Minimizing the operational schedule’s execution costs through evaluation of the optimal combination of utilized above ground equipment and caverns, storage layers, wells (optimal gas path)
  • Preparation of short-term and long-term reports for cost-optimal distribution of nominations to available storage facility components
  • Ensuring safety of operations through consideration of complex constrains, related to storage installation

TSMS Modules

Review advanced features of TSMS modules

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