Enterprise Data Server


EDS is a comprehensive Information System for collecting, validation, processing and monitoring of data that allows analyses of current and past process information from anywhere within your corporate network. EDS information is gathered from control systems, as well as other plant data sources into one database and is presented in process diagrams, alarm lists, trends, and reports. The module provides required, up to date information on technological processes to wider range of users for better monitoring and transparency of operation.

EDS is a dynamic product with huge number of references and users. It has been updated and maintained continuously (Software, Hardware, Cybersecurity).

Key functions

Solid platform for live data, archival data, data integration and remote visualization of process diagrams, trends and alarms
Integrated view of multiple systems and facilities via and intranet access for authorized users
Data acquisition from multiple data sources to a centralized data server and sharing selected information through configurable, web based portal
Calculation server and reporting system with execution scheduler
Excel plug-in allowing to collect live and archive process data directly to MS Excel spreadsheet, processing data with utilization of standard MS Excel formulas and functions along with additional set of functions for thermodynamic calculations provided by EDS
High availability options including clustering and server virtualization
Scalable up to 1.200,000 process points in clustered arrays

Application screenshots

Other technical modules

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