Compressor Energy Prognosis


CEP is a software tool for calculation and optimization of compressor electricity and/or fuel gas demand. Based on gas nominations for each pipeline, the tool proposes compressors’ configurations and flows for any type of compressors within a compressor station and calculates an electricity and fuel gas demand schedule for the entire time horizon defined by the user.

Users from energy procurement receive precise electricity and fuel gas demands forecasts. CEP allows to minimize costs of operation of the entire site through optimal load dispatch for each compressor unit, minimizing consumption of fuel gas or electric energy. Moreover utilization of CEP may lead to extension of compressors MTBF (mean time between failures) by avoiding operation on critical condition.

Key functions

Optimization of load dispatch for available compressors
Forecasting of energy demand to optimize the volume of the purchased electric energy and fuel gas
Supporting of long-term expenditure planning thanks to the simulating compressors’ operation costs over longer time horizon
Allows simulating of potential above ground infrastructure development by adding additional, hypothetical compressor or testing different connections configuration of compressors
Supports drive and compressor characteristics of many manufacturers: gas turbine and electric motor driven centrifugal and reciprocating compressors are supported
Supports single- and multiple-stage compressors, with serial and parallel modes of operation
Tools to evaluate and test scenarios for compressors replacement, removal or exchange

Application screenshots

Other technical modules

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